Who is “Mister Family”?

Mister Family is a religious extremist who operates in North Eastern Pennsylvania.  He is fanatically opposed to all forms of adult entertainment, particularly a large new strip club that opened in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  The club, Gentlemen’s Club 10, has been the target of Mister Family’s since plans for the club were announced several months ago.

Mister Family keeps his identity secret.  However, he has a sick fascination with publicly exposing patrons of Club 10. He has routinely taken pictures of people as they enter the club.  He has also taken pictures of people’s license plates while they were inside of the club. He then posts these pictures on his blog (www.MisterFamily.com).

The Puppet Staff has decided to make it a priority to expose Mister Family’s identity and to stand up to his campaign of lies and intimidation.  Next to alcohol and midget porn, the occasional visit to a local strip club is the only thing that keeps us from being institutionalized.  Anyone who tries to fuck with our beer, our midget porn or our favorite strippers will have to answer to us.

You can follow all of our efforts to thwart the maniacal bastard that is Mister Family right here, on this site.   Stay tuned.



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