More Lies, Brought to You by Mister Family

Mister Family” is a fucked up religious extremist who is waging a campaign of lies and intimidation against a local strip club.  A club that we, The Puppet Staff, frequent.  To illustrate the type of bullshit he’s spouting off on his blog, consider the following.  This is a quote from his blog that was posted on 22 December 2006.

Seeking to cash in on the sexual curiosity of young people, Gentlemen’s Club 10 is offering deep discounts off their normal admission if you present a student ID at the door.  Apparently, quite a few of our local high-school students have taken them up on this offer…..I can’t think of anything the club has done at this point that has better illustrated their deep-seated desire to turn our children into paying customers at their sex club.
-Mister Family

So here, Mister Family is accusing Club 10, the strip club he’s waging war against, of…

1. Admitting children into their establishment
2. Running a “sex club.”

On both of these statements, I call shenanigans.  SHENANIGANS!

Mister Family is saying that because a high school student is admitted into the club that that person is a child.  Wrong.  MANY high school juniors and seniors are 18 or 19 years old.  At age 18, by law, a person is considered to be an ADULT.  Get that?  If the guy/girl is 18 years of age or older and wants to visit the strip club, that is their right.  AS AN ADULT.  So Club 10 isn’t marketing ANYTHING to “children”.  They are marketing to ADULTS.  ADULTS WITH VALID IDs.

Now, let’s move on to his other false accusation.  Club 10 is not a “sex club.”  There is no sex being sold, displayed, or offered at club 10.  The strippers are nude, but everyone else keeps their clothes on.  Therefor, Club 10 is not a “sex club”.  They are a strip club.  People have sex at sex clubs.  People strip at strip clubs.  I WISH there were a sex club in my area, but, sadly, there is not.  There are only strip clubs.

Besides being a liar, Mister Family is also a coward.  He keeps his identity secret.  He does not allow anyone to post comments on his blog.  He does not answer any of my MANY e-mails.  He just sits there, hiding behind his mask (much like a serial killer or KKK thug…) spouting off lies, misinformation, and threats of blackmail.  Please take the time to express YOUR opinion to “Mister Family.”  You can e-mail him at



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