Mister Family Unmasked!

Mister Family

The above images are all of the man who calls himself, “Mister Family”.  Mister Family is a religious extremist who is waging a campaign of lies and intimidation on a local strip club, Gentlemen’s Club 10.  Mister Family has done his best to keep his identity secret, even while he posts pictures of the patrons of the strip club, along with license plate numbers, on his website.

We just decided that we’d level the playing field.  If Mister Family wants to try to intimidate people by posting their pictures, and pictures of their license plates, on the Internet, so be it.  However, fair is fair.  The man pictured above is a sick, twisted, pathetic man.  He has, as has been well documented on this website, attempted to use lies and intimidation to attack a 100% legal, legitimate business.  Karma’s a bitch, eh?



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