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Rob Bresser’s Drink of the Month – September 2007

Posted in Drink of the Month with tags , , , , , on September 1, 2007 by Dan Cheek

In honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month apparently…

Mint Julep from

2-3 oz Bourbon
2 tsp sugar
12 Mint leaves
Club Soda

Garnish: Mint sprigs and Orange Slice

Gently crush mint leaves in a cool tall glass. (Lightly muddle the mint and sugar with a splash of soda water in a mixing glass.) Fill the glass with cracked ice. Add Four Roses, club soda and stir well. Garnish with a slice of orange and a few sprigs of mint, and serve.

This drink is fairly simple to mix up.  Until you’ve had two or three.  Then it becomes a much harder task.  By the fifth one, you’ll find yourself, as I did, breaking glasses, crushing mint in your hand and not really knowing why, and at times, sitting on the floor, angrily yelling for your girlfriend to buy more whiskey.  Because you just drank it all.  Fun for the whole family.

Anyway, this drink is perfect for September.  It not too heavy, it tastes good, and it will fuck you up nine ways from sideways quick, fast, and in a hurry.  I recommend serving it with a nice, pan seared slice of lamb.  Or a jar of pickles and a bag of chips.  Whichever.

-Rob “Reverend Thor” Bresser