Rob Bresser’s Drink of the Month – October 2007

Two drinks this month!  Why?  Because it’s Halloween, you dumb bastards.  Or at least, it’s the month that hosts Halloween.  At any rate, it’s a hell of a fun month.  So, two drinks this month.

Both of these drinks are perfect to serve at a Halloween party.  They’re both kind of creepy, and both have a smell and texture that is intriguingly disturbing.  Plus, if you have any small children at this party, you can guzzle a couple of these things and then, as you stumble around in a drunken shamble of your former sober self, you can scare the hell out of the children.  And then go vomit in the front yard while making living dead noises.

For Holloween From

Brain Hemmorrhage  

1 oz. Peach Schnapps
1 tsp. Bailey’s Irish Cream®
1/2 tsp. Grenadine


This is a great drink to serve on Halloween. First, pour the peach schnapps. Then, slowly pour the Irish Creme. Do not mix! The Creme will clump together and settle at the bottom of the schnapps. It will have the appearance of an internal organ!! Pour the grenadine over the Creme for a completely disgusting looking, yet thoroughly tasty party drink!


1 oz. Light Rum
1/2 oz. Creme de Almond
1 1/2 oz. Sweet & Sour mix
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
1 1/2 oz. Orange Juice
1/2 oz. 151 Proof Rum

Shake all ingredients (except 151-proof rum) with ice and strain into a collins glass over ice cubes. Float the 151-proof rum on top, add a cherry (if desired), and serve.

-Rob “Reverend Thor” Bresser


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