Inner Surge – Branding the Muse

Inner Surge

Inner Surge – Branding the Muse

Inner Surge is an intense, politically charged metal/punk band from Calgary, Canada. With an eclectic, intense approach, the band explores politics and deep seeded emotions in it’s music. As opposed to conforming to the ‘meathead’ mentality of heavy metal and hard rock, Inner Surge’s energy is focused on breaking those stereotypes down, and pushing boundaries, both lyrically and musically. The result is a sound that is compassionate, yet unapologetically raw.

The band was formed in 2001 by Steve Moore, who wrote and recorded the debut album “Solus Verum”, a 16-track epic with an intensely personal lyrical approach. The next album “Matrika” was recorded at Organic Sounds studios in Calgary, and was released to excellent reviews.

Inner Surge has played many shows such as Warped Tour 2006 at Race City Speedway, the “Rock against Racism 2002 and 2005” concerts in Calgary, the annual CJSW 90.9 Metal Fundraiser and the Southern Alberta Hardcore & Metal Festival. The band has also organized it’s own benefit concerts for charities such as Operation Eyesight Universal and the Evan Shaw Foundation.

Inner Surge will tour across Canada with former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno in Spring 2007. Inner Surge played in Calgary for Warped Tour 2006 at Vans City Speedway alongside Helmet, Underoath, Moneen and AFI.

Inner Surge’s music video for “Retribution Song” explores the band’s political views and was partially inspired by the largely ignored Uzbekistan massacre. The video is available at Google video,, and for download.

The band will also be featured on the official movie soundtrack for horror film “Cabras” alongside New Crash Position, A New Way Down, Detlef Zoo, The Morning After, Cede, Lauren Briant and Bizarre from Eminem’s band D-12. Directed by Fredy Polania, the film is due for release in late 2007.

Inner Surge was also featured in the new book by Garry Sharpe-Young “New Wave of American Heavy Metal” alongside Dillinger Escape Plan, Mudvayne, Mastodon, and Norma Jean.

Inner Surge’s newest album is the critically acclaimed and groundbreaking “Signals Screaming”, an 11 track assault on human rights abuses and what the band sees as the international “blind eye”. Released April 1 2006 through Cyclone Records, the album has been well received by both fans and music critics. “Signals Screaming” is being hailed as “one of the most essential metal albums of the year” from “one of Canada’s most promising and most modern-sounding metal bands out there today.” The lyrics cover themes such as the 1994 Rwandan genocide in “Wolves”, the massacre of peaceful protesters in Uzbekistan in 2005 in “Retribution Song”, the repression of the FDA in “No Profit in the Cure”, and what the band describes as “self serving corporate groups on the road to destroying themselves”. says “Signals Screaming is a battering-ram of an album that is impressive and powerful, both in sound and in message. Delivered through a screaming fury along with sung words that are weighted with disdain, the force of its lyrics is impossible to shut out.” Inner Surge’s intense and honest sound has given the band a fast-growing following, and with plans for a new album on the horizon, the word is sure to spread.

The song featured on is “Branding the Muse“. You can listen to and download more of Inner Surge’s music by visiting them on the web at or


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