Lucid Nation

Lucid Nation

Lucid Nation – FUBAR
Lucid Nation – Las Vegas the Instrumental
Lucid Nation – Night Prowler PCH
Lucid Nation – World’s Guilties Pleasure

Alternative Press Top 100 Band You Need To Know About

#1 on college radio by word of mouth without help from a label indie or major.

Many Lucid Nation songs are freestyle experiments recorded on the spot including vocals.

The “band” has included members of Hole, Ministry, Mecca Normal, Team Dresch, Midnight Movies, Candiria, and Moby’s live band.

“A punk rock Exile on Main Street with shades of The Stooges, riot grrrl, Pere Ubu, and even The Doors.” -Magnet

“If Spivey sounds spacey, she’s not. Her songs range from aggressive, screaming punk to beautifully melodic rhythm and blues, the very definition of garage-rock. Like Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill — Lucid Nation has opened for both — her band’s music is raw, poetic, sloppy and infectious, and Tacoma Ballet is simply a bare-bones, kick-ass rock and roll record.” -Rolling Stone

The version of Night Prowler PCH playing on is a rare raw alternate take.

For more information on Lucid Nation:


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