It’s Friday!

The Puppet Staff
 From left to right: Rob Sandman, Dan Cheek, George Major, and Rob Bresser.  Photo Credit: Cory Bresser.  November 4th, 2006

Hi there, Internet People.  Today is Friday and this will more than likely be the last post of the day.  The reason: It’s almost 1:30pm and me and Sandman are gonna go drinking.  We do this because we are irresponsible derelicts.   At any rate, I just wanted to wish all of you an AWESOME weekend.  Go out, get laid, party, and all that other stuff that weekends were custom made for.

And, in case you’re wondering, the above picture was taken during George Major’s initiation into the Sock Puppet Staff.  The ceremony consisted mostly of the rest of us getting drunk and drawing on George with permanent markers.  At any rate, this picture (taken in November of 2006) gives you an idea of just who is behind this horrible little website.

I have to go drink and play with Sock Puppets now.  All for now.



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