The Music:

Tona – Graffik
Tona – Bull May

Coming from Novi Sad, the town in sleepy northern Serbia’s province of Vojvodina, TONA decided to start playing loud in the spring of 2005. The band came together when George (ex Katarza) joined forces with two guitar players Filip and Boris.  Shortly after, bass player Bojan and drummer Dushan joined the band.

They began working on their own material and recorded a five song demo featuring five distinctive compositions that are genre wise diverse and express the wish of the band not to put any boundaries when it comes to creative work.

All members have their own favourites among the bands that come from the domain of loud rock music spanning from Thin White Rope and Dead Kennedys to Ministry and Cop Shoot Cop and many more.  The band is also inspired by music of genres other than rock.  Anything that can be combined into a powerful sonic blast is put into the band’s cauldron and cast into a solid piece of rock, making the unique sound of TONA.

The songs featured on SockPuppetsFromHell.Com are “Graffik” and “Bull May”, a powerful selection from their demo record.

If you would like to learn more about TONA, visit their MySpace page at:


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