Best of Luck, George!

George Major

George Major, a long time member of the Sock Puppet Staff, has moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.  The rest of us poor, drunken idiots are (for the moment) staying here in blustery, cold, dreary, oppressive Pennsylvania.  Actually it’s not all that bad, I just like to complain.  At any rate, I and the rest of the Puppet Staff would just like to take a moment to wish George good luck.

George has helped us make countless videos, served as a Sock Puppet operator, dressed up like a ninja, and has scared little children many times over with his “Bernie the Terrorist” character.  He’s also helped us drink more beer and alcohol than we care to remember, has thrown up on just about all of us, and has served as the butt of more jokes than he probably deserved.

George, now a Southerner, will still play an active role on the Sock Puppet Staff.  He just won’t be able to throw up all over our homes or pass out so we can draw on him.  Hopefully, he’ll get bored from all the lack of drunken, sock puppet wielding idiots busting on him and will come back and visit us soon and frequently.  You can contact George by sending email to



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