Music Reviews – HalfLip

Genre: Metal/Rock/Hip Hop
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania (USA)


Half Lip

I came across HalfLip on MySpace. We (the Puppet Staff) maintain a profile there so as to browse through thousands of musicians every month, looking for some to feature on this site. At any rate, after only a few minutes of listening to the music that this band has uploaded, I found myself intrigued. In the end, I ended up listening to every one of the six songs the group has uploaded to their page.

Right off the bat, you can identify the bands that have inspired HalfLip. Sonic shadows of Linkin Park and Rage Against the Machine are cast upon the ears almost at once. Despite this, however, the band manages to still, somehow, pull off its own, unique sound. The vocals, courtesy of Mozez Flowz (Eric Hogan), are great. There’s enough emotion and power in his voice to grab the listener’s attention, commanding you to pay attention to what he’s going on about. Another nice trait about HalfLip is that while they’re certainly heavy on the guitars, they don’t overdue it. Too many of the bands we hear, in my opinion, dilute their music by heaping on way to much guitar, not unlike pouring too much milk on a bowl of Cheerios.

Overall, HalfLip is certainly a band worth paying attention to. Their sound, while reminiscent of several other bands, is still unique enough to raise them above all of the rest of the noise. The music is polished, yet still rough enough to slam to. I’d love to hear/see more of HalfLip (something I just may be able to do, as they’re from the same corner of the world as me…) and would highly recomend that you take a few minutes out of your day and visit their website so you can hear them for yourselves. G’head. It’s okay. All for now.



One Response to “Music Reviews – HalfLip”

  1. Very Interesting!

    Kell 🙂


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