And in Other News 03/13/08…

Famed Pathologist Loses Scher Evidence
Michael Baden, the famous pathologist, was examining a piece of body tissue which was evidence in a murder case.  While examining it, over a sink in the courthouse, the “brilliant” doctor dropped it down the drain.  Oops.

GPS Ankle Bracelet Leads Deputy to Burglary Suspect
So this dumbass, James Wombles, decides to burglarize six homes.  However, Mr. Wombles was wearing a GPS ankle bracelet as part of his probation.  So, needless to say, he learned the had way why its a bad idea to rob people while wearing a device that is tracked by satellites in outer space.

Ex Student Linked to Music CD is Found Guilty of Terrorizing
A Maine teen was sentenced to two years in prison for writing a song that contained graphic descriptions of a high school shooting rampage.  In other news, the First Amendment is now apparently dead.


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