And in Other News 03/17/08…

Woman Taken into Custody After Threatening Deputies
An Arizona woman got tasered when Sheriff Deputies knocked on her door and she answered it, holding a meat cleaver in each hand and four more strapped to her body.  You know you’re a psychotic serial killer when…

Dozy Pilots Sacked After Falling Asleep and Overshooting Airport by 15 Miles
So, on a flight from Honolulu to Hilo, both located in the Hawaiian Islands, both the co-pilot and the pilot fell asleep.  This resulted in the plane overshooting the Hilo Airport by fifteen miles.  The pair of dumbasses only woke up after air traffic controllers began screaming at them over the radio.

Man Smokes Crack, Sets Fire to Apartment, Spits on Police When Arrested
Possibly the best headline of the week…


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