Music Review – Vagiant

Genre: Punk
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Allston, MA (USA)


Every now and again, I’ll do a search on MySpace music for Punk music. What I usually find, and have to sort through, is a lot of recycled crap (most of which isn’t even close to being “Punk”, but anyway…) and a few really good bands. During one of these searches, I happily stumbled across Vagiant.

Vagiant is an all girl, all punk rock band hailing from Allston, Massachusetts (USA). All of the songs on their MySpace profile come from their debut album, Public Display of Infection. The entire album is everything that Punk Rock should be. It is loud, it is unapologetic, and it kicks ass. If this album got into a fight with you, it would probably walk away with your shoes and your lunch money.

The five songs on the band’s MySpace page all give you an excellent idea of this band’s talent. By far, “Fuck the Kells” is probably the best of the lot. The song is all about The Kells Bar, a semi-famous bar/nightclub in Allston. As you can tell from the name of the song, Vagiant are not fans of the place and they pull no punches in their song as they explain their reasoning. The lyrics are incredibly raw and yet catchy at the same time, a feat that other, less talented musicians would be left struggling with. When you combine crashing guitars, raging drums, and lyrics like, “You can take this bar and shove it up your fucking ass!”, it’s hard to loose.

You should listen to Vagiant. You should also buy their album, “Public Display of Infection” (available on iTunes and through their website). Any fans of Punk Rock (and really, who isn’t…), will be fans of Vagiant. It really is that simple, folks. All for now.



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