The Retarded Policeman

Retarded Policeman is a web-based series of short videos produced by Mediocre Films. The actor who plays the cop in all of these videos, who’s real name is Josh “Ponce” Perry, is a comedian who has Down syndrome. If you find the video offensive, you’re probably missing the point of the thing. As Wil Wheaton (who’s blog introduced me to this series of videos…) put it in a recent blog post…

I’m sure this will offend some people, but I want to make it clear that nobody is exploiting or making fun of Ponce, or anyone who has Down syndrome. If that was the case, none of us would have done it. If anything, it’s making fun of how arbitrary and, well, retarded police stops can be.

The full line of Retarded Policeman videos can be found at Enjoy.


One Response to “The Retarded Policeman”

  1. I enjoy the show but I think that it should be named something like the Psychically Challenged Policeman instead of Retarded Policeman just to keep the politically correct groups happy.I think that he is a great actor and funny person.

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