And in Other News 03/26/08…

Funny News

Tuesday Arrests: Man Charged with Assaulting Officer with Crack Pipe
Apparently, Jeremy Ronald Shuffler, a crackhead, thought the police would be no match for his crack pipe. Note to crackheads: If you think it’s a good idea, it’s probably not.

Pallbearer Buried by Coffin After He Falls into Grave
So, not only did this dumb ass fall into the grave, the other dumb asses he was helping then dropped the friggin’ coffin on him. It’s hard to find good help, these days.

Just Released from Lockup, Man Tries Carjacking
Frank Singleton, of Florida, is possibly the stupidest fucking person on Earth. After being released from jail on a silly little trespassing misdemeanor, he ran out into the visitors’ parking lot of the jail and attempted to carjack a woman. Being a fucking idiot, things didn’t end well for Mr. Singleton. Life is hard when you are stupid.


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