Sock Puppet Invasion!



Today, April 1st 2008, the Sock Puppets From Hell invaded our favorite radio station, 97.9X, again. The Jim Bone morning show invited us to present two rather unique trophies.

Recently, 97.9X hosted a blood drive that turned into a contest between two DJ’s. Jim Bone Vs. McKay in an all-out Battle for the Blood. The winner was decided by who could sponsor the most donations. Miraculously, Bone lost. How; we have no idea. He literally had a man standing in the street in the early morning cold wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. How do you loose a contest with advertisement like that?!?

During the contest, Jim made a passing comment about how it would be funny to have a trophy made by a pack of deranged, drunken lunatics for the winner. Challenge accepted Mr. Bone. We are just drunk enough and probably a little more deranged than necessary to take on that job. We also went a step further, and made a second trophy for the looser. Here they are: The birth of two new sock puppets! “The 97.9X Hardcore Champion and The Gimp.

Today’s presentation was made by our own Reverend Thor. He entered the studio with Jim Bone and Michelle Taylor at approximately 7:45am to present the gifts. First to be unveiled was The Champ. A muscle bound oaf and self proclaimed undefeated champion of wrestling. Although, much like his Sock Puppet Staff counterpart, has never actually fought anyone. McKay will receive this trophy since he some how managed to body slam Jim into submission. Then came The Gimp. Piercings and tats marred this poor soul complete with leather mask and ball-gag. Jim, we are very disappointed.

We were told the trophies maybe on display in the main lobby of the 97.9X radio station to be viewed by those lucky enough to win any of the many On-Air contests. So, if that happens to be you; remember: It takes a sick person to make a sock puppet gimp.

Certificates of Authenticity would have been available today if SOME ONE, not mentioning any names, didn’t spend the last 48 hours testing out The Gimp. Hey, we don’t call him The Puppetmaster because he can make sock puppets move without his hands. Wait, yes he can. But not in a cool magical way; more like a scary uncle kinda way. I shudder to think about it!

Check out Jim’s page at and continue to check your favorite sock puppet website for our frequent updates!

The photos HERE!979x


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