Who Is “The Hardcore Champ?”

In the recent months an individual has surfaced from the ranks of the sock puppets staff. Although his exact identity is unknown, he goes by the name of “The Hardcore Champ.” Who exactly is this individual? Some say that he is former disgruntled postal worker…others claim that he used to run a children’s daycare and the effects have left him permanently scarred for life.

Although the identity of this man may never be know, we managed to send out a photographer to obtain some footage of “The Hardcore Champ.” Unfortunately after giving us an interview he decided to break our camera and lodge it in the anus of our unsuspecting photographer. Great news, we managed to salvage the pictures and footage, which is currently being digitally remastered by our crack IT team so it should be no time before we will post this interview.

Stay tuned for more information….


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