Football, Beer, and Jimmy kicks!

Can there be a better combination? You’d be hard pressed to find one. Yes the sock puppet staff came together and decided to play a little football, in the form of NFL Madden 2008 for the PS3. Yes it was decided that actual football, mixed with alcohol, would lead to too much blood of the innocent being spilled, so we contained the threat to a slightly less contact form. Besides: It’s easier to drink when you’re holding a controller then running and tackling people. So myself, chEEK, The great reverend Thor met up, the teams were picked, the alcohol was served, and the game was on.

There were a few rules to follow in this little tournament, apparently if you chose a team who’s quarterback was Eli Manning, everyone would be required to pee on you. For some as-of-yet unknown reason, nobody picked the Giants. COWARDS! The good reverend chose the ever popular Pittsburgh Steelers, chEEK chose the St, Louis Rams, though was quoted saying “Their quarterback sucks balls but they’ve got an amazing running back. I took up the mantle of the Green Bay Packers and was ready to strike down my enemies. However I wasn’t in the first game, which suited me fine as it left me more time to drink. HAHAHA!!

So the opening contest was set: Thor’s Pittsburgh Steelers, versus chEEK’s St Louis Rams in the Texans Reliant Stadium. Now I was paying more attention to drinking then the game, but I still managed to follow it pretty well. Thor recieved the opening kick off and proceeded to use the Steelers undefeatable strategy of “get the ball to Parker.” This strategy once again proved it’s usefulness as the Steelers took an early lead, scoring on their opening drive. Upon recovering the ball Thor made another drive for the end and walked right in for another touchdown….and I mean WALKED into the end zone. While holding the pass button Big Ben Roethlisberger walked into the end zone, a feet not thought possible. Needless to say this angered chEEK and he started really picking up his game, making a drive right to the end zone…where the ball was quickly intercepted. At thew half, where the score was 14 and 0 Steelers, I conducted a little interview with cheEEK. The Sam Adam’s Irish Red and 007’s told me this was a good idea.

“So what are you feelings on the game so far chEEK?”
“Fuck my Life.”
“Can I quote you on that?”

Truly inspiring words. Well with halftime behind us the game was back on. Thor was eager to make this a “basketball score” and after a fumble almost right after the kick off which resulted in not only a touchdown but a 2 point conversion, this prospect seemed likely to happen. However with a new vigor to prove he does not, in fact, suck monkey balls, chEEK picked up his game by getting his first touchdown of the game, but missing the 2 point conversion. Fortune, however, smiled upon chEEK for after a fumble by the steelers he got a long pass to the end zone and this time got his 2 point conversion. Things heated up with the score 22-14 Steelers and one of the Steelered went and done broked his hip!

Sadly, for chEEK anyway, it was not meant to be. After a touchdown by Hines Ward with almost no time left, it seemed all was over for chEEK. And it was, even after a touchdown by Isaac Bruce, there was nothing more he could do. The final score was a nice 29 Steelers, 20 Rams.

By this point in the night we were eating spaghetti and more worried about drinking, so the tournament didn’t continue. Although I am delighted to say I played a game against my mom and she did quite well. The final score was 22-14 in my favor, but she did very well for a first time. I was so proud…and buzzed…but also proud…but mostly buzzed. That tends to happen when you hang out with people like Thor and chEEK…I love my friends.


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