Jack the Tripper

Jack the Tripper

Jack the Tripper
Hometown: Manitowoc, WI (USA)
Genre: Rock/Punk
Label: unsigned
Listen to: Earth to Simple Sarah

Sometimes you find really awesome music and sometimes it finds you. In the case of Jack the Tripper, it found me. I was contacted by the band, urging me to put them and their music on this site. After listening to a short sampling of their music, it became clear that the sounds of Jack the Tripper needed to be on Sock Puppets from Hell.

The band has a classic, yet incredibly effective, sound that is achieved through combining only the essential rock ingredients and nothing more. Start with some guitar, mix in some raging percussion, and then a generous portion of crashing vocals and, presto, you have Jack the Tripper. Anyone who enjoys the sound of some really good punk rock will really enjoy themselves some Jack the Tripper.

Jack the Tripper is not signed to a record label. Yet. However, that is sure to change as the raw talent of the band simply can not be ignored. So get in on the ground floor, now. In a few years (or less…), when Jack the Tripper walks down the street, we will all be lining the sidewalks, attempting to sneak a peak at these rock gods as we stand there weeping, throwing our loose change and dollar bills at them. And, with luck, we’ll have tickets to their show, as well.


One Response to “Jack the Tripper”

  1. Becky Ruelle Says:

    I LOVE Jack The Tripper!!!

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