Save me from this pain!

So I played this demo off the Playstation Store, for a game called “The Club.” Mistake number one. Sporting a cast of the amazingly lame characters, Sega and Bizarre Creations ass rape of a game just hurts to play. The only enjoyment I got from this poor excuse for a 3rd person shooter was making fun of how bad it was. The games characters made me want to cry, sporting names like Killen, Seager, and Nemo, makes me think that Game Informer will be hard pressed for this year ‘biggest dork’ in their annual award issue. The gameplay was just lazy and twitchy and the camera made me want to shoot someone, even myself just to end the pain. Now I know it was only a demo and is expected to be a bit buggy, but honestly, only years and years of time could make this game passable. If you feel like getting an idea of what cancer might be like, the game is available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but please note that you have been warned.


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