The Hardcore Champ: Revealed


Our crack I.T. Team has managed to recover the entire video footage that was captured by our field correspondent (who according to our sources is still recovering).  Details are still sketchy at this time about the individual known only as “The Hardcore Champion” but we have finally confirmed his existence.  A copy of this video has been sent to experts for review to try and determine the identity of the Hardcore Champ and to also identify an unknown individual who was seen very briefly in the background of the video.  Our camera man was unaware of any other person on the scene but the video footage does in fact confirm that someone else was there.  We here at the Sock Puppet Staff are committed to uncovering this story and will bring you more information as events unfold.

DISCLAIMER: We at would like to take a minute to warn you of the graphic nature of this footage and advise that no child under the age of 2 should view this video.



One Response to “The Hardcore Champ: Revealed”

  1. you smell funny Says:

    kimber thought you looked funny.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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