Rumors of Evil


When you think of video games, a few famous series will undoubtedly come to mind. When you think of horror video games, one particular famous series immediately comes to mind: Resident Evil. Resident Evil 4 was a stellar game, earning amazing reviews all across the board from IGN, Game Informer, to Joystiq. The sequel, Resident Evil 5, looks to copy the success but still launch the series to new heights of horror delights. For simple proof, check out this and other videos, courtesy of gamespot.

Not much is known about the game, though the rumors are aplenty. What we DO know is that Resident Evil lead man and Code Veronica co-star Chris Redfield is once again taking the lead roll. Another thing we know, as confirmed by producer Takeuchi Jin, is that the game will take place in a remote village in Africa. Finally, as for the game fitting into the time line, Resident Evil 5 takes place 10 years after the destruction of Raccoon City. However these little tidbits of knowledge have led to quite a bit of rumors.

For starters the location of Africa, from what we’ve seen bears a bit of resemblance to a certain flashback by one Billy Coen from Resident Evil Zero. If that IS the case will Lt. Coen finally make his return to the Resident Evil Universe. My money is on yes.

Another rumor is the identity of the Brown haired beauty Chris interacts with int he video seen earlier in this post. The smart money says that it is Chris’ little sister Claire Redfield, though I harbor a bit of doubt. At the end of the video Chris says “Don’t worry, my last partner was a woman.” Wouldn’t Clair already know that? We’ll see. Speaking of beauty’s, past videos, all of which can be seen on Gamespot, show a mysterious blonde women. Could it be Sherry Birken, freed from Wesker’s imprisonment? This is a possibility, but hard to call just yet. I wouldn’t put it past capcom to sneak one in there.

The last item to address isn’t a rumor, but speculation. What causes the violent behavior in these African people? Now based on the video we’ve seen it appears to be something similar to the plaugas from Resident Evil 4, however look more zombie-like then the ganados. Perhaps Wesker has been experimenting with the plaugas, mixing it with the T-virus? Again, Capcom has been mum and I doubt they will reveal anything anytime soon.

One thing is for sure. Capcom is looking to replicate the success of Resident Evil 4 with the latest iteration in this classic franchise. And by the looks of things, they’re damn well gonna. Oh, one more rumor confirmed: Enemies with chainsaws are back. Fuck.


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  1. So this Resident Evil series is pretty popular then?

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