Kiss Daddy Goodbye review

Kiss Daddy Goodbye

Pendragon Films Ltd.

Starring: Fabian Forte, Marilyn Burns, Jon Cedar

Review by El Chupacabra

The plot is simple two psychic children use their abilities to reanimate their murdered father’s corps and seek revenge on the biker gang that killed him. Cool concept right? Well that is where the cool stops. A small part of me died while watching this film.

Most of the talent was decent, they may have taken high school drama, but the children (who are featured in 90% of the film) have all the acting talent of unmanned Muppets. 50% film’s dialogue is silent telepathic communication between the children that is supposed to understood by their facial expressions and body-language, thankfully they will occasionally speak out loud during these conversations just so you don’t get lost. The one truly talented actor in the cast was Bill Randa who played Guy Nicolas (the father) and he only had a small role before his character is murdered and  reanimated as a mute. the over all ability of the actors was mid-range but for the children’s talent will knock down my score to a 1.5.

The picture quality of Kiss Daddy Goodbye is standard for films shot in the late 70’s early 80’s with a few sloppy splices. over all I’d score it a 3.

As for rewatch value. There were some ok nude scenes but to actually watch the movie all the way through again you’d have to put a gun to both my heads and pull the trigger to the one on top. I give it a 1.


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