Two Years and Two Days Later…

Two Years and Two Days Later
Yup, two years (and two days) ago, Sock Puppets From Hell went live.  And what had started out as a website dedicated to featuring short stories featuring The Sock Puppets From Hell has evolved into so much more.  Today, the website is one of the most prolific dark/twisted/weird/erotic humor websites on the Internet.  And, yes, it still features short stories about the Sock Puppets From Hell.

So, going forward, I would like to promise you, loyal reader, this: will continue to represent everything that is wrong with humanity.  We will continue to talk about sock puppets, alcohol, sex, strippers, and everything else that would make your Sunday School teacher hate us.  We will continue to push the envelope.  We will continue to set a bad example.  And we will continue to spread the insanity.

I want to thank all of the people who have made this website everything that it is.  And who appreciate it for everything that it is not.  To our loyal fans, thank you for supporting us.  To the many, many people who have sent us seething hate mail, thank you, too.  We have enjoyed pissing you off.  Thank you to everybody.  All for now.

-Dan Cheek


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