Badminton for the X Games

Here is my proposal for an Extreme sport, Death Badminton. Game play similar to normal Badminton, the net, rackets, back and forth volley, but the court is criss-crossed with an infrared grid and the shuttlecock (oh grow up) will be replaced by a similarly shaped high yield micro explosive that is rigged to detonate after crossing the infrared grid on one side of the court five times. The rules are simple you survive and you’re the winner. this game can be played anywhere with some open space,  and is not recommended to be played indoors. So as to keep the game fun and reduce the number of people who won’t play such a “dangerous” or “sadistic” game we won’t tell them about the modifications until a winner is crowned. For entertainment purposes we can set up a televised tournament for professional clowns where the champion is shot during the awards ceremony. I’ve already asked Dr. Sanity to help me design the explosive and hopefully Death Badminton will become popular (among prison guards as a means of controlling the inmates and homeless shelters is my prediction) ia a few short years, I’ll keep you posted.

El Chupacabra over and out


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