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WTF!?! Mouse Trap

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Yes, that’s right, some whack-job finally built a better mouse trap. (Sorry Dad; I’ve failed you again!)

“But how does it work?”

“Well, little Johnny, it’s just like Texas! We ZAP! the bastards!”

Yes, Mouse electrocution.  Watch your back, Mickey, they are one step closer to imposing capital punishment on your monopolizing ass!  A rather simply-complex construction allows the mouse in, kills it via electric shock, then drops it into a collection chamber that can hold up to 10 (TEN!!) dead mice.  Supposedly safe for children and pets, however I imagine it smells to hell and back (imagine Ghost Rider cuddling with ten dead rodents….)

I think I’ll stick with my classic bait and snap traps and save the electricity for moths and squirrels.
BZZZZZTTZZZTZTZ! Ooh, the lights flickered.  Hehe, that was a big one!

A Fond Farewell, Michael!

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I was very disheartened to find out today that one of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton, died last week.  Michael passed suddenly from a long-standing and private battle with cancer.  The late author’s family has understandably asked for privacy during their difficult time and not much information has been released to the public.

Crichton wrote such books as Jurassic Park, Disclosure, Congo, Eaters of the Dead (Movie title: The 13th Warrior), Rising Sun and many other fantastic fiction and non-fiction novels.  He also was heavily involved in the movie and television business bringing us ER, Twister, and others.

I will miss Mr. Crichton’s works greatly and look forward to reading his final work that is thus far to be published next year, posthumously.  Good bye Michael, and thank you!

Rob Bresser’s Drink of the Month – November 2008

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Jay’s Knock You on Your Ass Cider:

In a glass filled with ice, mix:

1oz Brandy

1oz Spiced Rum

10oz FRESH Apple Cider

Doesn’t sound like much but trust me, it WILL put a tickle behind your eyes.  Stop into Jay’s Lounge at 1024 Jackson St. in West Scranton (just off Main Ave.) to try one for yourself.

By the way, the Sam Adams Winter Lager should be in your distributor’s greedy little hands now.  If you enjoyed the Octoberfest, best you run down and get what you can now.  It won’t be around much longer! Pick up the Winter Sampler pack as well.  That beautiful box would make a Kris Kringle out of any Ebenezer.


Recipe by Jay May.