WTF!?! Mouse Trap

Yes, that’s right, some whack-job finally built a better mouse trap. (Sorry Dad; I’ve failed you again!)

“But how does it work?”

“Well, little Johnny, it’s just like Texas! We ZAP! the bastards!”

Yes, Mouse electrocution.  Watch your back, Mickey, they are one step closer to imposing capital punishment on your monopolizing ass!  A rather simply-complex construction allows the mouse in, kills it via electric shock, then drops it into a collection chamber that can hold up to 10 (TEN!!) dead mice.  Supposedly safe for children and pets, however I imagine it smells to hell and back (imagine Ghost Rider cuddling with ten dead rodents….)

I think I’ll stick with my classic bait and snap traps and save the electricity for moths and squirrels.
BZZZZZTTZZZTZTZ! Ooh, the lights flickered.  Hehe, that was a big one!


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