In the Beginning…

The story of the Sock Puppets from Hell actually begins in South Korea, a few years back during 2003. While serving in the Army and stationed at Camp Casey, not far from the DMZ (the most heavily defended border in the world), Dan Cheek and his roommate, Miguel Martinez became drunk, lonely, and bored. In an effort to make their bleak, cold surroundings more entertaining, Cheek created the Sock Puppets while Martinez fed him ideas (and beer). In a very short time, the Puppets became like family to the two wayward soldiers.

By 2004, Cheek was out of the Army and back home in Pennsylvania.  Martinez transitioned to the Army Reserve where he continued to serve for a little longer. While home, Cheek wrote a rough draft for a Sock Puppet from Hell movie, mostly for fun. Upon showing it to his friends, they all began to encourage him to take things a little bit further.

Finally, at the urging of Rob Bresser, Cory Bresser, and Rob Sandman, three of Cheek’s closest friends, Cheek went ahead and created this site, The site and the Puppets were an instant hit. Within weeks, several bands from around the world had lent their music to the site, Bresser and Sandman began helping Cheek with the writing and movie making, and Martinez (who lives all the way across the country in Colorado) stays in contact and continues to help Cheek bring his ideas to life, adding his own brand of insanity along the way.

Today, CHEek and his friends (now known collectively as the Puppet Staff) go out of their way and out of their minds to spread the insanity that has become, The Sock Puppets From Hell.


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