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Return of the Hardcore Champ?

Posted in Hardcore Champ Saga with tags , , , , , on April 23, 2009 by Rob Sandman

As many of you are aware, last year there was a crazy individual who dubbed himself the “Hardcore Champion.” received an “anonynomous” e-mail earlier today that threatened to take out the members of our staff. It also mention that what happened in the movie “The Wrestler” is nothing compared to the pain that we’re going to feel. More news to come as the story develops.

The Hardcore Champ: Recent Developments

Posted in Hardcore Champ Saga with tags , , , , , , on May 28, 2008 by Rob Sandman

We recently received an anonymous letter from an individual who only identified himself as “The Skinny Man.”  This individual claims that he is outraged by the incident involving the self proclaimed “Hardcore Champion” and his violation of our unsuspecting camera man.  His letter also stated that he will grant an exclusive interview to the sock puppets staff when he is ready to reveal himself.  Our attempts to try and track the origins of the letter were unsuccessful (there was no return address on the letter.  What do you people expect?  We’re a bunch of nuts who drink…A LOT…sometimes way too much.)

The Hardcore Champ: Revealed

Posted in Hardcore Champ Saga with tags , , , , , on May 13, 2008 by Rob Sandman


Our crack I.T. Team has managed to recover the entire video footage that was captured by our field correspondent (who according to our sources is still recovering).  Details are still sketchy at this time about the individual known only as “The Hardcore Champion” but we have finally confirmed his existence.  A copy of this video has been sent to experts for review to try and determine the identity of the Hardcore Champ and to also identify an unknown individual who was seen very briefly in the background of the video.  Our camera man was unaware of any other person on the scene but the video footage does in fact confirm that someone else was there.  We here at the Sock Puppet Staff are committed to uncovering this story and will bring you more information as events unfold.

DISCLAIMER: We at would like to take a minute to warn you of the graphic nature of this footage and advise that no child under the age of 2 should view this video.


Who Is “The Hardcore Champ?”

Posted in Hardcore Champ Saga with tags , , on April 12, 2008 by Rob Sandman

In the recent months an individual has surfaced from the ranks of the sock puppets staff. Although his exact identity is unknown, he goes by the name of “The Hardcore Champ.” Who exactly is this individual? Some say that he is former disgruntled postal worker…others claim that he used to run a children’s daycare and the effects have left him permanently scarred for life.

Although the identity of this man may never be know, we managed to send out a photographer to obtain some footage of “The Hardcore Champ.” Unfortunately after giving us an interview he decided to break our camera and lodge it in the anus of our unsuspecting photographer. Great news, we managed to salvage the pictures and footage, which is currently being digitally remastered by our crack IT team so it should be no time before we will post this interview.

Stay tuned for more information….