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Okay, Not really. But you know who you are. And now we know too!


3D HDTV is Coming!

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Oh-kay sports fans; an officially-unofficial announcement from Panasonic states that they will begin selling 3D HDTV plasmas and 3DHD Blue-ray players sometime next year. The announcement came minus support from any other major manufacturers of HD tech. However, “They support it in private,” says Panasonic VP Bob Perry. “I’m not aware of any manufacturer or studio that says they don’t support it.” On the other hand, Sony HAS announced its initiative to begin producing 3D Playstation 3’s (yay)! This along with the upgraded HDMI 1.4 on the way shows a very bright future for home entertainment. HDMI 1.4, by the way, lists 3D as one of the improvements over HDMI 1.3a in current use. Naturally you’ll also need to upgrade your audio receiver next year. So, you better start saving your pennies.

First Ever SPFH Contest…National Strippers Month

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We here at the site have decided to dedicate the month of August to those girls who, even though some of them are in their 40’s, are still just “working their way through college.” Anyway, we can use your help here, please send your favorite stripper photos to: The winner that sends us the best photo will get some kind of prize…maybe molested by Dan “The Man” Cheek himself.

Make em wacky…make em tacky…hell even swipe your card down the crack of a strippers ass and ask for stamps but get us your best photos. We will publish the winner of the contest at the end of August.

Worst Fight Scene Ever

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One reason to check you kid’s homework…

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A Fond Farewell, Michael!

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I was very disheartened to find out today that one of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton, died last week.  Michael passed suddenly from a long-standing and private battle with cancer.  The late author’s family has understandably asked for privacy during their difficult time and not much information has been released to the public.

Crichton wrote such books as Jurassic Park, Disclosure, Congo, Eaters of the Dead (Movie title: The 13th Warrior), Rising Sun and many other fantastic fiction and non-fiction novels.  He also was heavily involved in the movie and television business bringing us ER, Twister, and others.

I will miss Mr. Crichton’s works greatly and look forward to reading his final work that is thus far to be published next year, posthumously.  Good bye Michael, and thank you!

WHO IS???????

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 Have you ever wanted to get into the minds of the diabolical individuals behind the men who make Sock Puppets From what it is?  Well your chance is coming so pull up a front row seat, call the psychiatrist to make an appointment & break out the booze because we’re going to show you some things that will disturb you.  Keep your eyes open for our newest multi-part segment titled “Who Is?”