Employment Opportunities

So you’re looking for a new, exciting career.  You think you’re pretty fucked up and would LOVE to make a living in an exciting, dynamic, and high paying career here at Sock Puppets From Hell.  That’s good!

Unfortunately, however, we’re not hiring.  Anyone.  In fact, we don’t even pay the people that actually work for us right now.  So, if we WERE to hire you, it would piss off the rest of the Puppet Staff and they would riot, burning all the computers, drinking all the rum, and then murdering Dan CHEek.

But don’t loose all hope.  Maybe, possibly, someday, we’ll be looking to hire people.  Once we figure out how to actually make money.  And not spend all of it on beer and cheap women.  Send your resume to dan@sockpuppetsfromhell.com and we’ll hold on to it.  If we ever need a hand, we’ll be in touch.  But probably not anytime soon….


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