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We’ll be back…(we promise)

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I know we haven’t had too much happening lately, but we’re working on some new insanity. Be sure to stay tuned.


Rob Bresser’s Drink of the Month – November 2008

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Jay’s Knock You on Your Ass Cider:

In a glass filled with ice, mix:

1oz Brandy

1oz Spiced Rum

10oz FRESH Apple Cider

Doesn’t sound like much but trust me, it WILL put a tickle behind your eyes.  Stop into Jay’s Lounge at 1024 Jackson St. in West Scranton (just off Main Ave.) to try one for yourself.

By the way, the Sam Adams Winter Lager should be in your distributor’s greedy little hands now.  If you enjoyed the Octoberfest, best you run down and get what you can now.  It won’t be around much longer! Pick up the Winter Sampler pack as well.  That beautiful box would make a Kris Kringle out of any Ebenezer.


Recipe by Jay May.

WHO IS???????

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 Have you ever wanted to get into the minds of the diabolical individuals behind the men who make Sock Puppets From what it is?  Well your chance is coming so pull up a front row seat, call the psychiatrist to make an appointment & break out the booze because we’re going to show you some things that will disturb you.  Keep your eyes open for our newest multi-part segment titled “Who Is?”

Badminton for the X Games

Posted in Random Shit with tags , , , on August 23, 2008 by bernie1584

Here is my proposal for an Extreme sport, Death Badminton. Game play similar to normal Badminton, the net, rackets, back and forth volley, but the court is criss-crossed with an infrared grid and the shuttlecock (oh grow up) will be replaced by a similarly shaped high yield micro explosive that is rigged to detonate after crossing the infrared grid on one side of the court five times. The rules are simple you survive and you’re the winner. this game can be played anywhere with some open space,  and is not recommended to be played indoors. So as to keep the game fun and reduce the number of people who won’t play such a “dangerous” or “sadistic” game we won’t tell them about the modifications until a winner is crowned. For entertainment purposes we can set up a televised tournament for professional clowns where the champion is shot during the awards ceremony. I’ve already asked Dr. Sanity to help me design the explosive and hopefully Death Badminton will become popular (among prison guards as a means of controlling the inmates and homeless shelters is my prediction) ia a few short years, I’ll keep you posted.

El Chupacabra over and out

In case you haven’t noticed….

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There is no “Rob Bresser’s DOM” for July 2008.  This is due to personal issues I’ve had to tolerate in my professional life.  I apologize for the lateness of this posting, I attempted to pass this month’s responsibility on to more available hands….  My bad.

Rest assured, the DOM should return next month.  I hope.

~The Rev

Amy Winehouse Says…

Posted in Fun with Celebrities with tags , , , on July 24, 2008 by Dan Cheek

Amy Winehouse

“Hello, children.  My name is Amy Winehouse and I would like you to buy all of my shitty fucking CDs so I can build up enough money to develop a drug addiction so powerful that it will scare the Rolling Stones.  Thanks.”

Two Years and Two Days Later…

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Two Years and Two Days Later
Yup, two years (and two days) ago, Sock Puppets From Hell went live.  And what had started out as a website dedicated to featuring short stories featuring The Sock Puppets From Hell has evolved into so much more.  Today, the website is one of the most prolific dark/twisted/weird/erotic humor websites on the Internet.  And, yes, it still features short stories about the Sock Puppets From Hell.

So, going forward, I would like to promise you, loyal reader, this: will continue to represent everything that is wrong with humanity.  We will continue to talk about sock puppets, alcohol, sex, strippers, and everything else that would make your Sunday School teacher hate us.  We will continue to push the envelope.  We will continue to set a bad example.  And we will continue to spread the insanity.

I want to thank all of the people who have made this website everything that it is.  And who appreciate it for everything that it is not.  To our loyal fans, thank you for supporting us.  To the many, many people who have sent us seething hate mail, thank you, too.  We have enjoyed pissing you off.  Thank you to everybody.  All for now.

-Dan Cheek