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Contestant #5 – August: Stripper Month

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Would you look at that! Boobies!


Lies, Lies, and More Lies

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One of Mister Family’s favorite rants is that Gentlemen’s Club 10, a strip club located in Wilkes-Barre, PA, promotes a “pornographic website”. The website this ass-clown is referencing is Club 10’s homepage. In a post on his blog, dated 2 February 2007, Mister Family made the following statement. “Gentlemen’s Club 10 took the time to advertise a pornographic website on their building and on Interstate 81.”

This is an outright, bold faced LIE. Yes, Mister Family, the Internet’s self appointed morality Nazi, is fibbing. There is NO pornography on Club 10’s website. NONE! Not even a nipple. And I was looking really, really hard.

Yes, the website DOES have a few pictures of attractive women in suggestive poses, but it’s nothing compared to some of the things shown on the covers of magazines on supermarket shelves or TV shows and commercials.

Additionally, just to be safe and to send the message that the website advertised adult entertainment, visitors to the page have to assert that they are 18 years of age or older before they see anything. And like I said, even if some five year old kid DID lie and say they were 18, they would see a whole lot of not much. Because there is NO pornography on Club 10’s website. Not even a nipple.

I realize that Mister Family is not very smart. Read a few of his blog posts and you will probably agree with that statement of fact. However, even he should realize that if someone wants to look at porn, they are not going to go to Club 10’s website. Porn-seekers will go to, you know, PORN SITES to look at porn. These sites have lots of porn, of all types, thus making them PORN SITES. If someone was stupid enough (maybe Mister Family’s kids or something…) to go to Club 10’s website to oogle porn, they would suffer a big let down. Because Club 10’s website HAS NO PORN.

So, for the slow people, allow me to summarize what I just talked about….

1. Mister Family is a lying sack of dog shit

2. There is NO PORN on Club 10’s website

3. Mister Family’s kids, if he has any, are probably stupid.

This is just ONE example of the type of lies and false allegations that Mister Family routinely spouts off. It is also why this sorry fuck keeps his identity secret. He KNOWS he is a lying bastard and he feels “safer” by hiding behind a stupid, immature alias.


He Started It!

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A deranged maniac, who calls himself “Mister Family”, is waging a campaign on lies and intimidation against a local strip club, Gentlemen’s Club 10.  Never ones to back down from a fight, especially one involving strippers, the Sock Puppets from Hell and the Puppet Staff are standing up to this creepy bad guy.  Just consider us your average, everyday SUPER HEROES!

Mister Family is a crazy, delusional, madman who refuses to reveal his true identity.  Through his blog and occasional interviews with local media, he spouts off all sorts of crazy things, aimed at forcing Club 10 to close.  We believe he is doing this because he has a small, diseased penis.

Some of the theories he proposes on his site include;

1. Club 10 is taking advantage of US Military personnel by offering them a military discount on their cover charge.

2. Club 10 is corrupting the values of local college kids by offering them a cover charge discount if they have a valid college ID.

3. Club 10 should not be allowed to host “Bondage Night” at their club because in Florida, a man kidnapped and raped a woman to make a bondage sex video.  Additionally, Mister Family doesn’t think it’s a good idea to “de-stigmatize” bondage.

4. He claims to receive letters from local strippers “from time to time”, where they confess to him feelings of “shame and despair”.  He posts some of these “letters” on his blog.

5. Additionally, and most disturbingly, Mister Family often hides in the shadows, outside the club.  He takes pictures of the people who are entering the club and then posts them on his blog.  He claims he does this to ensure that “no criminal behavior” is occuring near the club.  He also encourages other people to do the same, and send him their pictures so he can post them, as well.  So he hides behind a stupid, creepy name and secret identity, but enjoys exposing the identities of people who visit the club.  That’s fair and ethical, right?

I’ve been to Club 10.  It was a nice place.  It isn’t dirty.  No one offered to sell me drugs or sex.  The girls were friendly.  The club is not a problem spot, at least from what I saw.  So I honestly can’t see what Mister Family’s big problem is with the place.  Basically, he’s one of those people who believes everyone should comply with his set of morals or face his wrath.

Mister Family does not allow anyone to post comments on his blog.  I’ve sent him several e-mails, asking him to better explain himself.  I even offered (repeatedly) to post his response on this site, unedited.  He has yet to respond.  He continues to stalk people outside of the club.  He continues to encourage other people to do the same.  This, in our opinion, is bullshit.  From this site, we will keep you updated on our efforts to stand up to Mister Family and his insane campaign of lies and terror.


Links and Contact Info  (Mister Family’s Official Blog)  (Mister Family’s E-mail)  (Gentlemen’s Club 10 Official Web Page)  (Gentlemen’s Club 10 E-mail)

Who is “Mister Family”?

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Mister Family is a religious extremist who operates in North Eastern Pennsylvania.  He is fanatically opposed to all forms of adult entertainment, particularly a large new strip club that opened in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  The club, Gentlemen’s Club 10, has been the target of Mister Family’s since plans for the club were announced several months ago.

Mister Family keeps his identity secret.  However, he has a sick fascination with publicly exposing patrons of Club 10. He has routinely taken pictures of people as they enter the club.  He has also taken pictures of people’s license plates while they were inside of the club. He then posts these pictures on his blog (

The Puppet Staff has decided to make it a priority to expose Mister Family’s identity and to stand up to his campaign of lies and intimidation.  Next to alcohol and midget porn, the occasional visit to a local strip club is the only thing that keeps us from being institutionalized.  Anyone who tries to fuck with our beer, our midget porn or our favorite strippers will have to answer to us.

You can follow all of our efforts to thwart the maniacal bastard that is Mister Family right here, on this site.   Stay tuned.